Update Jitsi Meet

Hi folks,
As I check on meet.jit.si, there is no need to use jitsi mobile on Android. Newly versions can support native Chrome.
How can I find which version is it and how can I upgrade ?

Thank you.

Up for this question.
Today im upgrading my jitsi meet version, but it seems nothing is change. Now web support on mobile and no option to pick mic/camera on mic/video button…

update: my mistake, for web support on mobile go to your meet config js then edit “disableDeepLinking: true”

Thank you alveox.
Could you share the steps to upgrade please?
Apt update is enough?

Sorry for late reply, i rarely visit this page.
I just apt upgrade, but make sure you do a backup first. As for me its a snapshot on proxmox.

thank you Alveox.
I will make “apt update” then “apt install”.