Update Interface_Config without Reload


In our Jitsi Meet instance we have added a new config value specific to our instance. This value can be changed while the application is running and is essentially used to lock the meeting when users do not set their own unique password.

Everything is working with the new config file when we refresh the page, the problem I am running into is when the config value is changed when a user removes their password, this leads to the front-end showing as though the config value was set to the old value, not the new one. However, when i refresh the page, everything works as expected.

Based on this, a simple (and potential) solution is to refresh everyone’s instance whenever the password is changed. This would not be as user friendly and I would need to probably have some sort of short delay on each person’s screen to avoid them thinking something is going wrong with our meeting platform (something like “The meeting password has been changed. This meeting will refresh in 4 seconds…”

However, even with that as a potential solution, I am still curious if there are any other options. Is there a way to update the interface_config values that are used in everyone’s instance without refreshing them?

Thank you for any advice you can give regarding this!

What is the change in the interface config?

Nevermind. This is not going to work. I inherited this project and there are a few things that I need to go about changing:

  1. We should be referencing the config not interface config.
  2. Config changes are global not by meeting. If we need to make adjustments to a meeting it looks like we need to look into the features/base/settings, this should allow us to look into making potential changes to user’s individual settings.

Sorry, I should have looked into this a bit more before posting. I will be more cautious next time (I don’t want to waste anyone’s time). Thank you @damencho. I will make a new post if I run into any issues looking into the settings.