Update a jitsi-meet shard without service downtime


I know that Videobridges can be shut down gracefully, and they can also be removed and added gracefully. Therefore, upgrading them with no downtime is doable.

How do we upgrade the jitsi-meet main services (Jicofo and Prosody) with no downtime? They run on a separate machine in my case.

The only way I imagine to achieve this is:

  • Have two shards (shard #2 is already running the latest software and has no active meetings, while shard #1 needs software upgrade but has many active meetings).
  • Have a web proxy which dynamically starts to route new meetings to shard #2.
  • When a meeting ends at shard #1, notify the web proxy that this room is closed and new requests for the same room must go to shard #2.
  • Wait until all meetings on shard #1 are over.

Is there an easier way? Is this how you do it at meet.jit.si?

This is pretty much what we do on meet.jit.si. There’s no expicit notification that a conference ended. Instead the proxies have their own timeout.


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Thank you. This is a complicated approach.

What happens if we just suddenly replace the whole shard with a new one? How will browser and mobile clients react? Will they hiccup for a few seconds and automatically reconnect, or all participants will need to manually rejoin the conference (noticing that our service went down)?

If you are fronting the service with haproxy and you suddenly replace the shards, all the clients will see a reload screen with small timeout and will reload joining on the new shard on the same room name.