Unwelcome guest in my jitsi call

Dear, last week I used Jitsi Meet to call with my family. However, last Friday and today again and unknown guest was present. I saw him three times in these two calls. ALso the other participants saw him and even spotted a name: Matthieu. This is really creepy so today he was there again but turned off his video after I saw him. I’m nog going to use Jitsi again, but I wonder whether others have the same experience.
FYI: I used already a lot of different ways to communicate: ‘praatbox’, teams, messenger, skype etc. But it is only with Jitsi Meet that this is happening.

Sorry to hear that.

Were you using the same room name each time? Was it easy to guess? (Could it be that he was also hoping to use a room of that name?)

Might it help if you added a password to the room when you joined? It wouldn’t help if someone was already there, but would it they were not.

I just click on start a call, gave the call a name (eacht time another name), used one of the proposed words and shared the link (in the firts time through messenger and the second time in a whatsapp group). even without an extra treshold of a password, isn’t this very strange?

Hola! Buenas tardes

A mi anoche me ocurrio lo mismo. Vivo en España y vamos a empezar a usar jitsi como herramienta para las conferencias con los profesorses de mi hija y quise probarla antes.
Me cree una sala con un nombre simple ‘PruebaJitsi’ y me envie el enlace por mail a mi mismo para poder conectarme desde otro ordenador en otra habitacion de la casa.
En un momento entro en la sala un tal Marcelo que estuvo unos segundos y despues se fue. Me quede bastante turbado por lo ocurrido. Pensaba que se podia haber infiltrado en mi red wifi y haber entrado en mi correo pero creo que no es asi.
Hoy he probado a crear una sala con un nombre no trivial y he podido conectarme desde tablet, PC y movil a la sala sin que me hayan mandado el enlace, simplemente sabiendo el nombre de la sala. La sala no tenia contraseña.
Creo que lo que ocurre es que si pones un nombre muy simple a la sala o a alguno de los que se ofrecen en la pagina puede ocurrir que se alguien que no tenga nada que ver contigo pero haya creado una sala con el mismo nombre se conecte a la tuya.

Gracias y un saludo.

PD: He redactado en español. Espero que el tradudctor funcione bien.

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i had the same experience sort of. I created a room, exited out of it, but discovered , anybody with that room info can see your cam and listen to you at anytime!!! Unless you close off the room, (i think).

I had the same bad experience: unknown unidentified unwanted guests or spys in the meeting. How to cancel them? Why do participants not need to identify themselves? What does encryption and all Security means help
If it is easy to ENTER a meeting?

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