Unwanted volume adjustment in Desktop App

Hi :slight_smile:

I’m using Jitsi on Arch Linux with ALSA and a proper headset (one of the more expensive Beyerdynamics).
Over the course of any conference, the microphone volume decreases until it becomes impossible for other people to hear me.
I keep turning the volume up again so i can speek for a moment before it decreases again.
Needless to say, it’s pretty frustrating :frowning:

I’m using ALSA directly and other than the alsamixer in my terminal there’s no other application changing the volume.

None of my conference partners hear any noise but there’s a message popping up in jitsi every now and then.
My feeling is that the volume decreases coincide with these messages.

Is there any way i can stop Jitsi from doing that?
Not only does this negatively affect the Jitsi conference but it also disturbs other applications using the microphone.

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Welcome, thanks for asking about your problem here.

What is the exact message ? Does this happen without the headset or with another headset ? Perhaps a keyboard shortcut or media button is stuck somewhere, just a thought.

What is the exact message?
“Your microphone appears to be noisy! It sounds like your microphone is making noise, please consider muting or changing the device.”

It’s a laptop. Volume control is FN + F-key. The problem doesn’t occur with other voice comm software.

Do you think a PR simply disabling the volume would be accepted upstream?
Or would it have to be an option in the settings menu?

This can be disabled in setting (the “noisy microphone” detection), maybe the OS or some other feature is adjusting it automatically.

See :

@MagicFab thank you! i’ll try that.

in meantime, i reverted to using the web client. should be safe until html5 supports changing the local volume…

i need some help changing the configuration.

this is repo used to build the desktop app:

how does jitsi-meet play into that?