Unwanted scan results by for example censys.org


did some experiments with Jitsi using my ISP. Whil inspecting nginx logfiles I jsut wondering why and for what reason I’m permanently scanned by several scanners, i.e. Censys.org
Not quite sure, but I guess either they scan the entire internet (the entire?) or are in charge of my ISP?
[09/Nov/2020:07:44:14 +0100] “GET / HTTP/1.1” 200 756 “-” "Mozi
lla/5.0 (compatible; CensysInspect/1.1; +https://about.censys.io/)

But anyway, it turns out that the Jitsy entry point is very chatty. Cause I find now in the Censys page information I don’t want to see there like the nginx version. See below.
Any ideas how to avoid such leak?

#### GET /
nginx 1.18.0
Status Line
200 OK
Page Title
Jitsi Meet

I would guess it is cause by the port 80 redirect block in
cause Censys scan 80, 8000 and 8080