Unsure if websockets is working ok


I have installed latest debian unstable and have setup websockets for JVB and xmpp and enabled VP9.

I thought websockets were working ok but in the console I see webrtc-datachannel being announced in the SDP so now I’m not so sure anymore if my websockets setup is correct.

[modules/xmpp/JingleSessionPC.js] addRemoteStream - OK, SDPs: s {media: Array(3), raw: “v=0
↵o=- 3276955310835198903 3 IN IP4
↵a=sctpmap:5000 webrtc-datachannel 1024

I’m also suspicious something’s not quite right because when turning screen sharing on and then off I often lose the video from the remote side (but audio is fine) and have to ask the other person to refresh the page to get their video back.

How can I be sure websockets is working correctly and doesn’t the fact that SDP advertises webrtc-datachannel indicate that websockets is not being used after all?


Disable sctp from bridge and jicofo: jicofo/reference.conf at fcf956ed96a8a92e3c30cda372f852f8db9fb754 · jitsi/jicofo · GitHub
jitsi-videobridge/reference.conf at c6da57bdb2623e3112f8de0cb5a337fe207809ec · jitsi/jitsi-videobridge · GitHub

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Thanks @damencho
That was it

Although websockets seem to be working fine now I noticed the iOS mobile app stopped working.

It tries to reach the server but fails with the following message which doesn’t really help

[JitsiMeetSDK] [modules/statistics/statistics.js] {“type”:“operational”,“action”:“connection.failed”,“attributes”:{“error_type”:“connection.otherError”,“error_message”:“giving-up”}}

I suspect that disabling sctp is what caused this since it was working fine before.
Is sctp required for the mobile apps to work?


Nevermind. It wasn’t sctp causing problems with mobile after all.

I had commented out bosh in the config since I figured only websockets would be used but apparently the mobile clients need bosh enabled.