Unsupported browser error IOS Ionic

I’m developing an Ionic Cross platform app for Android and Ios and I’m getting the Unsupported Browser error on Ios. I checked the nginx access logs and it looks like the server it’s getting safari 13.0.3 version, but my app is native. I have to mention that i’m running jitsi on my own self-hosted server and I’m loading the url in an Iframe. I also tried with an meet.jit.si url but not results.

If you are using w webview to load the web app in an iframe you are not a native app but a browser, for all intents and purposes. We don’t support the Safari engine on iOS 13 any longer, iOS 14 is the minimum requirement.

The problem is that I run the app on iOS 15

So you are running iOS 15 and you see Safari 13.0.3 in your nginx access logs? Then maybe the Ionic WebView component overrides the UA.