Unstable/v2 TURN server setup?


Thanks for any/all help. Successfully got Jitsi unstable up and running, including multiple jvbs and octo… hurray! I’ll make sure to post up my working setup later for posterity.

One issue I’ve run into is an inability to correctly set up a turn server ( preferably using a secret/username pair via the Xirsys network, but coturn would be ok now). Any pointers from the community? I’m hoping that it may help with some network performance issues, as it did with a straight webrtc application in the past and the issues feel similar right now… so I’d like to test.


Install latest unstable packages will install nginx and turnserver behind it.

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Thanks. Hadn’t had a moment to update this but was unpacking it earlier and realized… hey… looks like there’s already a turn server there?! Really appreciate all the help you do here.


Hi @damencho and Jitsi Team,

I just found today 29-May-2020, that there is a stable package comes with jitsi-meet-turnserver_1.0.3928-1_all.deb. Previosly, no Turnsever package in Jitsi’s stable release. Does this package will install CoTURN or any other Turnserver framework? how to install this with the rest of newest stable release or update the previous installation?

Another thing that may not related to this topic, sorry. Does the new JVB 2.1 stable package https://download.jitsi.org/jitsi/debian/jitsi-videobridge2_2.1-157-g389b69ff-1_all.deb has specific OCTO installation guide or just same as previous ?

May God keep us in health and blessed.

Thank you

If you are using nginx for jitsi-meet upgrade should install it … I see some reports about wrong xmpp credentials, still have not figure out what is causing those.

Same as before.

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