[UnResolved]! Unmapped ssrc internal error

I am using authentication system and issuing 3 tokens. 1 token has group name ‘abcd’ and rest 2 are ’ * ’ . When user of group ‘abcd’ joins room with user if group ’ * ', it shows internal error, unmapped ssrc error. Is mandatory that users if same group can only join the same conf. room? or what is the reason of internal ssrc unmapped error?


@damencho … I have 3 tokens created for long expiry …I have generated them using jwt.io a few days ago. When I use the pair for p2p call, it works fine.

Now I have another set of 3 tokens generated from PHP library. When a pair for p2p is used, it shows unmapped error on desktop browser. But it works perfectly fine on APP & mobile browsers.

the only difference in both the sets is HEADER
From direct jwt I have generated - {
“alg”: “HS256”,
“typ”: “JWT”

From library it is generated - {
“typ”: “JWT”,
“alg”: “HS256”

What is the reason for displaying Internal error- unmapped ssrc error?

No idea, sorry. I had never seen that.

Does it make much difference with the headers if written in both the ways?