Unmute() not working for low level api

Using Jitsi setup for the host (https://meet.docintel.app), and low level api for my participants.

Note: You can’t access host URL as i am using JWT and authentication

Now i am not able to unmute participant. using code like:

add this in ConnectionSuccess function:

room.on(JitsiMeetJS.events.conference.AV_MODERATION_APPROVED, askToUnmuteApproval);

function askToUnmuteApproval(track) {

if(confirm('Host approved your request. You can speak now')){
    room.setLocalParticipantProperty('raisedHand', false);
    let audioTrack = localTracks.find(t => t.getType() === CONSTANTS.AUDIO);


Everything is working except this, not able to unmute participant

Thanks in advance

Is av moderation working when you use jitsi-meet?

Yes, it is working

Trying to unmute the participant on request with raiseHand.

room.setLocalParticipantProperty(‘raisedHand’, true); to send a request to host

and listing the click “Ask to Unmute” using AV_MODERATION_APPROVED. Getting response but not able to umnute the participant. Let me know if need more details from my side


Finally i am able to make this working. On server i disabled

startWithAudioMuted: false

then mute the participant on joined from code with .mute() function. Then i am able to unmute the participants.