Unmute from PSTN dial-in



Are there DTMF commands to mute and unmute for users dialed in via SIP from the PSTN?


There is no such handling on our side. This is more specific to the sip provider that is used, so if it is supported it will be on that side.

If you are asking about meet.jit.si, there is no such.

Normally if you are deploying your own instance, to configure all the sip/pstn part you will need a pbx for the IVR, like asterisk or freeswitch and there you can implement that.


For callers who have been muted by the organizer, what star code / touch tone combination can they use to unmute themselves - some callers will dial in and not be at a computer / mobile device if the answer is that they unmute themselves by clicking their mute icon in the jitsi interface.

If no touch tones are currently supported, in order to support dial-in callers not using the GUI interface, can the open source community please add the standard star code touch tones to jitsi like *6 to toggle their own single line’s mute/unmute state.

When implementing this, many conference call products intercept the tone sounds and don’t play them to the rest of callers, so there is sound handling logic in the reusable code universe that distinguishes the roughly 12 touch tone frequencies/sound from human voice sound and masks/prevents the tones from playing out to all participants.

Thanks in advance!


Well sending DTMFs inband in audio is something that will not work, at least will not always work. For example on meet.jit.si jigasi is not decoding audio, just translating it as jvb does, so it cannot detect sound tones.

I agree if the moderator mutes someone that is dialling in, there is no way to unmute him, we maybe at least remove that option from the UI for dial in participants …

Detecting dtmf’s using RTP telephone-event is possible and is an option, but the combination for unmuting should be configurable as someone’s pbx can have the same combination for something else.

There is no current plan for adding that, so any help is welcome, but anyway I will bring it to the team, and we may add it to the roadmap.