Unmute dial-in users

Hey guys,

I added org.jitsi.jigasi.ENABLE_SIP_STARTMUTED=true in Jigasi config and am able to mute dial-in user from the web. However, dial-in user can not unmute himself to speak now.

I tested on meet.jit.si and I see that when dial-in user is muted, he/she gets notified and then user can unmute by pressing *6 key combination. I just wonder how I can implement similarly on our end? Thanks.

You need to implement it in the IVR … What is used on meet.jit.si you can see here Guide for setting up Jigasi with Voximplant

Interesting. So, just wonder, there is no other way to un-mute dial-in user that can be configured on jitsi end? Or, it has to be done and implemented in IVR?

Also, does IVR will get notified when the dial-in user is muted by web-user?

Through IVR.

Yes. You can test it on meet.jit.si.

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Has anyone gotten the muting/unmuting functionality to work with asterisk or similar? As I understand it, jigasi should send a SIP Info with some information in it to the IVR. I see the SIP Info messages for the lobby being enabled but I see nothing when I try to mute a dial-in user. Jigasi is using BOSH and is in translator mode.

Have you enabled in jigasi org.jitsi.jigasi.ENABLE_SIP_STARTMUTED?

I just did and now see muteRequest messages. Thank you! Has anyone already gotten this to work with an Asterisk IVR? Don’t want to reinvent the wheel if its already been done.

@jsrobo any luck on integration with asterisk on unmute

I never made any real progress. Basically what I found was Asterisks does not currently accept application/json from sip messages. I could be very wrong on this but never had time to continue trying.