Unknown Participant joining room with same username as mine

A participant with the same username as mine is joining a chatroom for a couple of days, randomly. At first, I thought that there might be a glitch in Jitsi. But today, when another known participant and I were chatting, a chat msg was sent by that unknown participant that has the same user name as mine. It wasn’t anything insidious, but it certainly me and my co-participant jittery.

First, I want to ask if anyone else has this happen to them. Second, is this something that I need to worry about? Third, is there something that I can do to let this from happening?

Thanks in Adv

If you’re using a public instance like meet.jit.si, by default anyone can join and call themselves anything they want. You can prevent the issue by using the lobby feature or putting a password on the room.

On a self-hosted or managed instance you can set up authentication to require users to provide a JWT token, username/password, etc before they can connect.

Thank you for your response. I am a little worried and a bit shaken that the conversation that I have been having with another person has been eavesdropped by another random person. I am a little worried that if that party is a malicious one, they may do something untoward.

If a conversation is sensitive, it would make sense to not have it in a public room with no protection against anyone else from joining. The lobby feature or password protection are designed to prevent untrusted users from joining.

However, if your room name was hard to guess, and you were using a public instance, I would recommend to contact the operators of that instance (i.e. the Jitsi team if you were using meet.jit.si). It is unlikely that this would happen (especially more than once) with a difficult-to-guess room name, so they may want to investigate further.

If you were using a very simple room name, then a basic way to make it harder for this to happen is to make the room name longer / more complex. But that is not a real solution; enabling the lobby or a password is the proper way.

You can also use a moderated room: https://moderated.jitsi.net/ - These URLs are virtually unguessable and you will always remain the sole moderator, unless you share the admin link of course.