Unity web view, Jitsi, IOS


In AOS the launch in web button is enabled and in IOS there is no button.
Is there any solution?

What type of WebView is that?

I’m not sure what type it is.
I am using vuplex’s webview asset.

And does that have WebRTC support?

Yes this works flawlessly on android.

And which iOS is this, should be 14.3 or newer?

Tested on the latest version of ios.
What does the 14.3 version mean?

The Android and iOS implementations are completely different so whatever happens on Android doesn’t apply to iOS.

Thanks. I understand.
I asked the same question to the vuplex company that made the webview, but the solution to the problem was up to jitsi.
What should I do next?

Does this work for you getUserMedia ?

in my opinion, to use vuplex’s webview
you need to check this function’s return value

It doesn’t work.
Does this have anything to do with it?

I am using the latest version of ios,
Since the user agent was not safari, it was forcibly fixed to safari.
However, this problem still occurs.

Jitsi does not work in the webview of the ios built app
It works in safari on iPhone.

umm… i think this you need to this function’s value
this function check somethings to use webRTC basic object

If the basic webrtc test above is not working with that browser, there is no point of trying any further steps.

You mean it’s not a problem to be solved in Unity, but we need to fix that part in jitsi?

you need to check vuplex’s webview spec to it is support webrtc or not.

It works fine on Android.

as i know, chromium’s spec is different between on ios and android.
so, i think vuplex webview also same.

you need to check on ios

Thank you. I will leave more comments after checking.