Unique room name by URL path


I’m kinda new to Jitsi, so this question may already be asked. But I may not be capable of searching for the right terms yet.

I want to create a sharable room URL that is more likely to be unique than users just typing something in the input field on the welcome page. I’ve seen that https://meet.jit.si supports this by making a distinction between urls like ‘/{my uid}/Test’ and ‘/{my other uid}/Test’. In both cases the room name on screen is ‘Test’, but users will not join the same meeting when the different urls are shared.

I’m currently interested in the same behaviour in my local installation. But it does not seem to work.
I see that the client behaviour is a bit different in my local installation than the server. Locally I see XHR calls made to ‘{myHost}/http-bind?room=Test’ (even if I have my browser URL set to ‘/1234/Test’.

On meet.jit.si I see different XHR calls (such as ‘phoneNumberList’ and ‘conferenceMapper’), and in addition I see some websocket communication to be started.

I’m not sure if this is possible in a local installation, but if so is there any documentation how to set it up?

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@stil4m You got any solution for this?

I am looking for making the URL with unique id instead of showing room name there in URL. Something like hangout.

No not yet. Still struggling with it.

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