Unique persistent passwords for different meetings on same jitsi server


I have a self hosted dockerized Jitsi server. e.g. if I have one meeting (meeting room name : meeting1) at 8am and another meeting (meeting room name : meeting2 ) at 10am . How can I have a unique and persistent password for both this meetings. Therefore participants of meeting1 and meeting2 will receive meeting url and password but passwords for both will be different. This way participants of meeting1 cannot join meeting2 and viceversa.

How to accomplish this. Thank you

JWT tokens

Correct me if I m wrong…but jwt tokens is for users to authenticate using their individual passwords …what I m looking is for users (whether authenticated with jwt or unauthenticated) to enter same meeting room password to enter a meeting. Something like what zoom does. With zoom you get a meeting room number and a password for the room to enter.

I see , try this

thanks a lot @Edgar_Osorio . Will now have to read mountains of these chats :grin:

In that thread, this worked for me.

Thanks @Fuji . Does this store the passwords as plain text?
Is there no opensource dashboard solution for jitsi which can handle this? :thinking:


local store = module:open_store("persistent_muc_passwds", "map");

means in room creation hook, this module is trying to open predefined store and you will notice that the default storage for modules under “muc.meet.jitsi” is “memory” (RAM) but he also specified unique storage “internal” for that module (otherwise memory by default, but if you wanna visualize use you should avoid this maybe) which means plaintext. you could also use plain text from mysql or other database too (I tried this and succeded though not sure about possible negative outcomes).

Component "muc.meet.jitsi" "muc"
    --storage = "internal";
    default_storage = "memory";
    storage =  {
	    persistent_muc_passwds = "internal";
    days_to_persist_muc_passwds = 7;
    modules_enabled = {

Hope this helps, Thanks…!

wow…thanks @Fuji . I will definitely try this out