Uninvited user appears in meeting

Hello everyone,

First post in this forum. I have been using Jitsi for a couple of weeks, and introduced to my wife (in lock-down far away) who is a high school teacher. Discord completely stopped working for her and I was unable to debug from afar. I showed her Jitsi and she had her first online lectures yesterday thanks to this wonderful and generous platform. I am really grateful.

I just have one question about security. My wife told me that during her first meet with Jitsi, she had one connection that was not invited or welcome. Man in his thirties, just sitting there, not communicating (remember the other connections are high School kids). She only shared the link with her students.

Can anyone think how this could happen. Are there Jitsi monitors (that doesn’t sound right) or spot checks of meets? If not, as I suspect, how could someone randomly join a meet without the right meeting name? For info, the man did not seem to understand what was being said (the lecture were in French and he was obviously not a French speaker). Any suggestions welcome, and, not having explored Jitsi much yet, what is the best way to disconnect a user and make sure he stays disconnected?

Thank you for this incredible tool. I really look forward to getting to know it better.

All the best.


Hi and welcome.

Sorry for the bad experience. Make sure links are kept secret and are complicated enough so you avoid the situation where someone can guess it.
You can read more about it on https://jitsi.org/security/.

It was kept secret so it must have been guessed randomly. OK, thanks a lot.