Uninstall from Ubuntu

I have run the install from https://jitsi.org/downloads/ from commands listed for Ubuntu/Debian repository.

My full suite installation of Jitsi has not come up in the application list for software. I can see in the folders the files for video bridge is installed etc. I have no icon to Run Jitsi either.

I found in the Software Manager in Linux Mint 18.2 it is now been added to the repository for Ubuntu. It wasnt there the other week.

I would like to Uninstall the packages as from the download page https://jitsi.org/downloads/ and reinstall from the repository from Ubuntu (preferred as I will get updates).

I am not that fluent with terminal commands, can someone please list these please to uninstall Jitsi ? Is there something else I should do?

Hi @Ramjam
Here you can find terminal commands : https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/master/doc/quick-install.md#uninstall

jitsi is a combination of server components, and will not appear in a list of applications in a desktop environment, and there will not be a “run jitsi” command:

If you follow the instructions above to install it, it will run automatically once installation is complete, and will start automatically on reboot.

Hi @arashplusI tried that command, came back with other responses than listed on github as follows.

E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend - open (13: Permission denied)
E: Unable to acquire the dpkg frontend lock (/var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend), are you root?

@Neil_Brown, as it did not start after reboot, I will try and uninstall and reinstall via Ubuntu repository.

Purge what you have currently, then follow the “quick install” instructions above.

Don’t forget to add the extra repository for Ubuntu, as set out in the instructions.