Unfortunately, something went wrong

Hi every body,
I have just install Jitsi latest version on ubuntu and run letsencypt and try to access via my domain. “gomeet.ir”
I can create room very well but after starting conversation with aother parties I have got this message “Unfortunately, something went wrong.”
It is occurred exactly in a same secs it is about 15 secs !

My console log is attached.
thanks in advanced

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I checked your Jitsi (p2p and 2+ users). It works fine.
no error message, no disconnection…

Maybe the problem is on the client side

I am having same issue

please replay if you find any solution.

Good afternoon, I have the jitsi meet system on ubutu 18.04 tls 2 months ago, working correctly with several meetings with 27 clients, and two days ago he only let me create the room and if any participant enters it, it bounces this message “Unfortunately something went wrong. We are trying to fix this. Re-connecting in so many seconds¨ It does not allow more users to join the room, the truth is that I did not touch the configuration of the same and I do not explain how this problem can happen. After updating it to the latest version it keeps doing the same to me.

Could you try to restart JVB?

systemctl restart jitsi-videobridge2.service
systemctl status jitsi-videobridge2.service

And check the TLS certificate. Maybe it’s expired.

Como puedo renovar o volver a instalar el certificado TSL?

How can I renew or reinstall the TSL certificate?

I don’t know the Jitsi way. I use certbot to create certificates. certbot has a systemd service which renews it automaticly. But it’s needed to add something to reload Nginx after update.