Unfortunately something went wrong were trying to fix this. Reconnecting in X sec

I tried all the previous method showed in this community Nothing worked for me so i raised it again

I Followed self hosting steps to install jitsi-meet (https://jitsi.github.io/handbook/docs/devops-guide/devops-guide-quickstart)

I am getting the above issue everytime and jitsi-meet is installed in ubuntu server.

If any actual solution is available means share it that will be helpful

Ice failed error means firewall issue, not working port forwarding or jvb not announcing its correct public address.
Checkout the advanced section of the quick install guide.

IS this section is what you have mentioned if not share the link

That, yes.

I tried the advanced configuration but same issue
check this

Any Updates on this

Ice failure is a network problem, which only you can fix. Try using nc when jvb is stopped to determine whether port forwarding works, there are multiple posts in the forum how to use it to verify 10000 port forwarding

Can you share any particular link to check the steps you mentioned above that would be helpful

IS this 10000 port is used internally or externally can you confirm??

Should be publicly accessible, this is where web clients send their media to the bridge.

The ports are opened and tested the same it works fine.
But one suggestion In jitsi install Documents if we get more details on port information that would be helpful for future use
Thanks once again @damencho