Unfortunately something went wrong jitsi ubuntu 18.04 continues

classic first reaction :slight_smile:

yes :slight_smile: can you solve this issue on remote basis

May be that all services are not running. Check their status using:

systemctl status prosody
systemctl status jitsi-videobridge2
systemctl status jicofo

All Service Okay

Check nginx logs for any errors and post them here. You are seeking help not providing much information. It is hard to guess.

Hope you have followed jitsi quick install guide for this installation. If not, check if everything is as it should be using that guide.

Also if you search community with “something went wrong”, there are so many posts with the same issue.

Better go through them first and if your issue is not solved even then and is brand new, post nginx and jicofo logs here(attach them)

One such post: "Something went wrong" error after creating a meeting - #3 by damencho


Please can you provide to me proper documentation for all package purge of jitsi from ubutnu 18.04
Then after installation with step by step and get success with this jitsi

For Ubuntu 20.04 and Debian 10 Buster, the lines from 176 to 222


I am confused with this document , i am using the ubuntu 18.04 lts server with jitsi installation with own physical server not be using the with docker.

Please can you provide to documents related to ubuntu 18.04 lts server for uninstall jitsi and installation of jitsi

Try with this one GitHub - pregalla/jitsi: Installer for Jitsi, Jigasi, and Jibri

  1. Uninstall
  2. Check installed components to verify all components have been uninstalled
  3. Install

Okay i am trying with this document tomorrow morning and given feedback also to you it is successful or not

I am not get success

after room connect it is automatically disconnected after 5 seconds

All services running? Any errors in install log?

which services running can you provide to path of install log in ubuntu 18.04

How to check it please guide

Now I am doubting that you have not used the script.

i am using the jitsi-setup.sh script

but it is disconnected the room after 5 seconds

Please can you take a remote and call support

PM me the server details. Will take a look.

Not sure how this information is useful. We already know you are using Ubuntu-18.
And what did you mean when you wrote “Please can you take a remote and call support”?