Unexpected changes in meet.jit.si in latest Chrome 109

In the last two weeks, I’ve noticed (a) that if I create a password then when others log in, I can’t hear their audio until I log out and reenter and input a password and (b) more distracting, I have to right click each video and hit “play” in each dialog that appears. If a user shares a screen and the others are pushed to the right side, I have to click play on the shared screen and when that goes away, I have to repeat the process on each attendee’s screen.
Let me add that Chrome has jitsi as a valid user of both audio and video.

That’s odd, autoplay should kick in.

Do you reproduce this on meet.jit.si ?

It occurs on meet.jit.si. I start a video conference from the web https://jitsi.org/ and the problem occurs. When I first join, my screen is black and I have to right-click and hit play. The rest is as in the original posting. OTOH, my son who also has Chrome sees none of this. FWIW, I’m running Windows 11! The update was done on Jan 11!

My Bad! I just realized I had a extension that stopped autoplay. It was for new sites that constantly threw videos at me. Disabling that restored the proper operation!