Unexpected behavior when jigasi update from 1.0 to 1.1

After update jigasi 1.0-244 to jigasi 1.1-29-g0476618-1 I got unexpected behavior:
when caller dial Dial-in number and enter a PIN, the call goes to web UI and the call redirect to caller back.
Config the same for both version and looks like this https://pastebin.com/F2v1pZ3L
On version jigasi 1.0-244 - works as expected.

Do you have jigasi logs for this problem?

INFO level
FINE level

@damencho, any thoughts why it happens?

Nope, I haven’t looked at it yet, but I’m planning to do so.

Hum, your logs had expired, but I did some testing and it seems to work:

I spoke about incoming calls. Could you test it? Outbound works well.
Later will provide a new log

Yes, I tested incoming, seems to work. Was the problem only one way audio or no audio at all? In which direction it was working?

The problem is not in audio, but in forward the call to back to caller.

That’s strange I was not seeing that. Sending logs will help.

FINE log

Hum, is this a sip call returning?

I see a re-invite sent with changing the isFocus parameter in the contact header:

You can disable that and test again:

Is there any change?

If this is your problem I will setting this property in the code, as anyway it is not needed in case of jigasi.

This option helps. Now incoming calls works as expected. Thanks!