Understanding warnings - improve infrastructure

Hi together,

@damencho @bbaldino i would really appriciate if you can help me to better understand.

We are running a multibridge setup with one jicofo/prosody server.
Load is actually not that high but should become more and more.
Almost when running bigger conference up to 60 participiants (or even less e.g. 30) i can see lots of warnings in jvb.log and i want to understand to improve.

Dozen warnings of:
- Unable to find endpoint 933b15d9 to send EndpointMessage
- VideoParser.transform#58: Unable to find encoding matching packet! packet=RtpPacket: PT=96, Ssrc=1912253754, SeqNum=19397, M=true, X=true, Ts=304740983, encodings=

  • Sctp send error: : Invalid argument
  • Sctp send error: : Resource temporarily unavailable

in jicofo.log it seems its nothing to worry about.
It seems the conferences are stable but i want to know if i have to concern about those messages.
And where i can improve.

If you need some more information let me know.


This could just be a bit of a race condition when an endpoint is joining or leaving the conference. I’d look at the logs near this error for logs for endpoint 933b15d9. If you see it deleted shortly before or created shortly after it’s just a race, but shouldn’t be a big deal. If that isn’t the case, then it’s something that would require deeper investigation

Is there more to this log message? Something after encodings=?

We don’t use SCTP in our deployments anymore, and can’t remember if these errors are things we ran. I’d look into configuring your deployment to use websockets for this channel (which is what we now use).

thank you,

to the endpoint messages

i think it needs some deeper investigations. This messages appear all long the conferences and is not only on one endpoint. Where would you start to investigate?

to the missing encoding messages:

no, there is nothing after encodings= , all warnings ends like this

to scpt:

thanks, i will give it a try

one more warnings i can find many is:
WARNING: [5102] [confId=ee7112979f9bea6f epId=2291eb99 gid=ff131d stats_id=Bernhard-hzg conf_name=lkstsehe17062020] TransportCcEngine.tccReceived#157: TCC packet contained received sequence numbers: 13579-13626. Couldn’t find packet detail for the seq nums: 13579-13626. Latest seqNum was 5, size is 1000.

Can this be related to the missing endpoints warning?

That means the encodings didn’t get signaled. Looking for the signaling messages for that endpoint (they may come slightly after this)