Understanding User Authentication

Now that I have my Jitsi Server up, there are 3 things I am hoping to get some help with User Authentication.
(1) What is the password convention being used in Jitsi? Generally, I like to use long (13 characters min), mixed (upper & lower case letters + numbers + special characters) passwords. I even use a password generator to come up with them to ensure they are as close to random as possible. Can this work with Jitsi or is there a specific setting/ line of code that needs to be changed or is there a fixed format that has to be used?

The primary use for the server that I have is to facilitate video conferencing for some teachers and students using a Moodle site we support. I have already installed the Jitsi plugin and set it to use my server. With that in place -
(2) Moodle User Access - How do I configure my Jitsi server so that my Moodle Users can just click on the icon that they see in Moodle to bring up their video conference session? The ideal situation is for them to use their already created Moodle credentials to be able to access the conference/class session automagically.
(3)Meeting Room Security - In addition to the above, how do I configure the Moodle/Jitsi integration so that the teachers are still able to control access to each meeting room. The ideal situation would be when they schedule their classes, the notification link that is added to each student dashboard would carry the ID and Password required for access to that class/session.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.