Understanding the flag IsJvbConnectionInterrupted

Dear all,
I would like to understand the value of the flag IsJvbConnectionInterrupted stored in the APP.store.getState().features.participants..conference. IsJvbConnectionInterrupted. When is it set, and what does it mean.
In fact we customize the jitsi-meet to render participants’cameras in our own way. For some unknown reasons, sometimes we got several camera’views of the identical participants (having the same screenname), among them of course there is only working camera (having images) for one distinguished participant. Then we use the flag connectionStatus having the value “Interrupted” to disable the view of the associated participant. Then really we can reduce the number of “ghost” cameras.
However I just found that there are some participants also having interrupted connectionStatus but their cameras are operational. So by mistake I just make them invisible in the meeting. I find the flag IsJvbConnectionInterrupted, which may be used together with connectionStatus to determine correctly whether that participant is a ghost one or not. Will that method work perfectly ?
Or is there another way / simpler one to eliminate the ghost participants?
Many thanks