Understanding OCTO

Hi, i want to try octo, but first i want to make sure that i understand the concept first. Any of you who already implement OCTO or know about it, please correct mme if i’m wrong. so my understanding is like this:

drawing 1:

So for octo to work we need the jitsi meet web with config.js (that will mark the user with region). All of the web connect to 1 (jicofo & prosody) server. we also need to configure jicofo bridge selection strategy. And the prosody is connected to jvb all across the region (and config the jvb region).

Is that sounds right?

Or we implement octo with multi (jico & prosody) server? for example like this:

drawing 2:

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The second option is not supported. It is just bridges across regions as media is the critical traffic, signalling does not have problem with higher rtt.

Thx @damencho for confirming. I assume meet.jit.si using that first topology too right? Do you have failover mechanism for the jicofo & prosody server? Using haproxy or nginx maybe?

Oh one more question, If I want to use octo for dividing high number of participant in one room. Is that a good/bad idea? (We want to reduce the load in the videobridge)

Ex: 1 room with 80 people, we will divide them in “2 region”. 40 people each.


Yes, multiple shards health monitored by haproxy.

Yep. That’s the way of doing big conferences.

Nice, thx! Will try octo configuration…


Please if possible share your experience and if it is fine, can you also document how you configured OCTA

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Hey @damencho - I have a follow up question regarding OCTO. Shall we configure OCTO on a single region setup to divide participants across multiple JVBs? If it is possible, how the streams will be distributed? Will it be handled automatically? Thanks.

@tibinvpaul, for me, i configure them with different regions. If you want to make it just 1 region. Use intraRegionBridgeSelectionStrategy (not officially documented by jitsi team, but from reading the jicofo code, it can be done). Look here to know how the bridge is selected: https://github.com/jitsi/jicofo/blob/master/src/main/java/org/jitsi/jicofo/bridge/IntraRegionBridgeSelectionStrategy.java


its strange after setting octo, I am receiving a lot of connection timeout and connection lost? before octo everything was fine