Understanding Jitsi, points to elaborate in manuals or tutorials


we recently installed our very own Jitsi Meet instance. It works fine, but I have some points that are not quite clear to me.

  • After a conference ends, will the room instantly be closed when the last participant leaves? We tested with some of our coworkers, and even after all users left the room a non-moderator was able to rejoin the conference without password or login.

  • I could not find any valuable hardware requirements for Jitsi Meet. I did find a post on this forum saying 1 CPU and 1 GB RAM should be enough to run it, but in our case, we had to upgrade our server to have enough performance for 3-4 users without video lags. Actually we run a Debian 9, 4vCPU, 16 GB RAM cloud server by Hetzner (CX-41), exclusively for Jitsi. This server did also breach a load average of 4.0 with 5 users (webcam and or screensharing enabled), but it ran fine with just 3 users. From this test I would assume one should at least plan 2 CPUs per user - is this a realistic scale?

Another thing that should be elaborated in some kind of FAQ or installation tutorial is, that the last visited rooms are displayed on a per-user (or even more exact on a per-browser) base, since we plan to host meetings with multiple customers there and don’t want customer one to see we had a meeting with customer b before. Maybe thats just a problem in our testing environment, because all my colleagues joined the same rooms and therefore had all the rooms displayed that were ever created on the Jitsi server. Gave us a little shock there :wink:

Thanks for feedback and clarification!

You have authentication enabled, right? After every one leaves, and you try again, are you trying from another PC or from incognito window you just opened. There are some authenticated ids cached in the browser. There is an option to disable those and will require password on every connect …

So 1GB for jvb is not enough as both jvb and jicofo start with a param that their jvm can take up to 3GB.
Not sure why you get such a high load. meet.jit.si is seeing a pretty good load and I just checked jvbs, they are not passing above 5, and are staying below two, close to one most of the time, even less. The vm machines I’m checking are aws c5.xlarge, used only for bridges.

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