Uncaught TypeError: interfaceConfig.TOOLBAR_BUTTONS is undefined in localhost pls help me to fix

Uncaught TypeError: interfaceConfig.TOOLBAR_BUTTONS is undefined

while running jitsi in local machine I have got like above error


Can you provide a little more context?
Are you running jitsi with docker ?
Are you getting this error in the landing page, or the conference page ?
Is it spawned when you do a specific action?

This type of error tell you the property TOOLBAR_BUTTONS is not defined in the interfaceConfig object.
If you take a look at this comment in the interface_config.js file : jitsi-meet/interface_config.js at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub
You see that this object interfaceConfig was moved to another file !

Maybe it come from that ?

1.I’m not running jitsi in docker I just simply clone jitsi-meet and make dev
2. Not on the landing page I’m getting this on the conference screen
Not only above mentioned error, but console log also shows 44 errors but b4 onday its working proper.

Okay !

Can you please provide a screenshot of your logs ?

Also, did you see my link which tell that that prop is moved in another file?

Thanks !


You must be using an old checkout. Try rebasing on master.

Yes, I’m using old bcoz we have customised many things. is there any other option?

No, you can’t just use old code and use it against alpha (using make dev) and expect it to work.