Uncaught ReferenceError: interfaceConfig is not defined

Hello all,

I moved to a new server and reinstalled Jitsi there.

I have split the server into vServers via Proxmox, Jitsi is a separate vServer. The server has an IP address that points via pfSense to the Nginx Proxy Manager, which splits the requests to the different vServers.

Now I get when calling my Jitsi instance but the message Uncaught ReferenceError: interfaceConfig is not defined and do not quite understand why.

I forwarded the necessary ports to the vServer via pfsense.
Also, the Jitsi server is running a nginx and the Nginx Proxy Manager forwards to port 80.

Otherwise I followed the instructions: Self-Hosting Guide - Debian/Ubuntu server | Jitsi Meet

It can be a syntax error in interface config file.

How can I check it?

I have now tried this version, there is the same error

Do you see it when opening the index.html source in the browsers?

Because it is displayed grayed out, it is probably not loaded

Your web server does not have server-side includes turned on.

I used the automatically generated nginx config.
I have now edited the nginx config with ssi on;