Unable to upgrade past 4857 - Websocket Nightmare - Spent over 100 hours trying - please help :)

Hello, please can you help me?

I’ve been running Jitsi in docker for a couple of years without issue until October 2020 when websockets were inroduced (post 4857). Since then I have spent at least 100 hours trying to update with no luck.

My setup:
Sophos XG → Traefik → Jitsi (docker)

I have used the traefik compose v2 located here: docker-jitsi-meet/docker-compose.yml at master · jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet · GitHub and the .env example located here: docker-jitsi-meet/env.example at master · jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet · GitHub and tweaked accordingly to fit my setup.

When deployed, I am able to access the web page, create a room but as soon as that happens there is a websocket issue (404, 403 as per Chrome console).

  • Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 404

I have tried using ENABLE_XMPP_WEBSOCKET=0 and that allows me into a room but as soon as someone joins the room breaks with a number of bridge errors.

Please could someone kindly post their docker-compose.yml and .env files as I have exhausted all of those I can find online. I feel as though I’m close but missing something obvious.

error 404 = not found

error 403 = bad request/not allowed

did you edit any config?

Same here. I can’t use my own docker images(based on latest jitsi docker images) working fine on docker swarm setup with kubernetes. I’m trying to port this repo to use websocket but no success so far :frowning:

Hello, yes, I edited the two files that I mentioned, nothing else.

If you have a working setup akin to the one I mentioned would you mind sharing your compose and env files?

Anyone able to provide their working config files?