Unable to unmute/show video on Mac 11.2.2 with Chrome

At my monthly Jitsi event on math, on May 23rd and Jun 25th, one user with a Mac 11.2.2 running Chrome, they have been unable to unmute or show their video. In May they were able to call in. In June they were able to connect with Safari, but Chrome prevented unmuting and their video did not show either.

I don’t know anything about the Mac. I’m not even sure if 11.2.2 is the Mac version or the version of Chrome.

Any idea what could be wrong with Chrome on Macs?

I believe they have Chrome setup as their default browser as that is what comes up when they click on the link I sent via e-mail.

Before May, they struggled to get Chrome to work, however after 15 minutes of fiddling they were able to make it work. Did something change in Chrome or in Mac over the last two months? Or, perhaps, they have forgotten about the control screen that they used to be able to find after 15 minutes of fiddling.

On Mac, when things go wrong, how does one provide a checklist of possible OS/Browser configuration issues that might be amiss?

@cjfsyntropy maybe do like this in your mac Security & Privacy section in the macOS settings panel and get permission enable