Unable to turn on video when first participant, starting with video turned off, p2p turned off

We have recently discovered an issue, which can be reproduced consistently in our platform.

Our configuration is P2P off by default so call connections occur through the server, this is to prevent the flicker when swapping from P2P to JVB connected. Because of this config difference we aren’t able to validate whether this issue occurs is meet.jit.si

Does anyone else have this issue?

Wondering if there is easy configuration resolution, or if we will need to look into a code fix to Jitsi (or maybe its already fixed in recent versions?). Any advice on where to look would be good.

Below is a description of the steps.

  1. Participant 1 join a meeting and turn of video
  2. Participant 2 join meeting
  3. Participant 1 turn on video
  4. Participant 2 is unable to see Participant 1’s video although they can see the video off icon has been removed
  5. Participant 2 rejoining, has no effect and does, Participant 1 must now rejoin to re-enable video.

Video off on Participant 1

Participant 2 sees video off for Participant 1

Video on for Participant 1

Participant 2 sees video should be on, but no stream received

I’m having the same issue

I can confirm that the newest versions of Jitsi don’t have this issue anymore.

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