Unable to Start Recording or Live Stream

I setup up Jitsi on Ubuntu 18.04 and made sure that it was all working correctly before I watched this YouTube video on how to set up Jibri to live-stream my meetings. I cannot manage to make it record or stream anything and there is nothing in the logs that helps. The jicofo, jvb, syslog, and jibri logs have no errors at all in them. No unable to connect, no Jibri is unavailable or other such errors that I have seen in other forum threads. Is there a better place to look for potential errors?

Check out this tutorial, I´m will try soon this method, it’s very helpful to understand some issues. In some point of the video, he explains that you need too use JDK 8, not 11, he do the config, maybe that’s were the problem come from. Let me know if it helps you, if it works for me I will put it in here, too.

@hgsohka Yes, his video was much clearer on what to do and I did manage to get Jibri running successfully after going through his steps. I also had a type in my sip-communicator.properties file which is weird since there were no errors about that. Thanks for recommending this video to me!

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No problem! Thanks for share your result!