Unable to start Jitsi meet call


we are getting issues on Jitsi meet. We have run a sample code with jitsi meet URL. it’s working but when we put our customized jitsi meet URL with configuration. we are getting " 2023-01-03 14:44:53.382 21859-22041/com.example E/JitsiMeetSDK: [features/base/lib-jitsi-meet] Failed to load config from https://meeting.mydomain.sa/config.js?room=12121 Error(Error){“message”:“TypeError: cannot write property ‘sourceNameSignaling’ of mailto:undefined”,“code”:“eunspecified”,“stack”:"index.android.bundle:37:1105\nindex.android.bundle:1504:339\np@index.android.bundle:91:588\n " this error.

Please help with the above.


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Thank you, For your response. It’s working.