Unable to share screen and camera at the same time


We are facing an issue sharing screen with the camera at the same time. At a time, only one instance is getting viewed, i.e., either screen sharing or camera. We tried a lot of options suggested on different blogs. But not able to resolve this. Would you please help us to resolve this issue

That is how Jitsi works at present; only a single video stream is sent. Your camera feed will be stopped if you share your screen.

You can however enable presenter mode by click on the video icon to enable your camera while screenshare is running and you end up the camera feed embedded into the screenshare (picture-in-picture)

We tried this option, But we are getting an error as “Only one track will be created either desktop or video” We have created two different buttons, one for screen sharing and one for video. So if screen sharing is on and if we try to click on the camera, it gives the above error.

Are you using a custom front-end? My bad, I assumed you were using Jitsi Meet.

AFAIK, under the hood, Jitsi still only supports one video track. Presenter mode is implemented on client side in jitsi-meet (see https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/0bdc7d42c5f12e3952e98870f94575d81c737600/conference.js#L2306 and https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/0bdc7d42c5f12e3952e98870f94575d81c737600/react/features/stream-effects/presenter/JitsiStreamPresenterEffect.js#L15). If you are implementing your own frontend, then I suppose you’ll need to do something similar.

We are using the same format, but still, we are not able to resolve the same.

I’m afraid I don’t have enough context or experience in that area to be of further assistance.

If you can give more details on what changes you’ve made and errors/issues you’re seeing, perhaps someone else could be of better assistance.

Here’s hoping you get to the bottom of the issue. Good luck!

Ok, Thank you

Sending multiple video tracks is currently not supported by both the client and the server. There is work underway to add this support but I have to emphasize that this is a very big feature and support for this will be added incrementally in various components and we don’t yet have a clear picture of when this will be complete.

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In a custom frontend, you can consider connecting a second participant for the screenshare rather than trying to send two tracks from a single participant.