Unable to retrieve google 16 char code to give gmail phonebook to jitsi destop

Hi… i have a problem to access google phonebook.
I’m using Windows 10
After i do google login to retrieve 16char code, i have an error by google about insecurity of jitsi. so i have enabled in my google account, access to app more insecure, but nothing. same error!

in contacts of windows 10 i have also gave access to google contacts… but jitsi don’t retrieve them (and i don’t know why…)

using jitsi on macos, google phonebook integration is more easy. because jitsi has a better dialog with macos address book search: all works perfectly !!

thanks in advance

on windows i have also tried now to install thunderbird, configured to retrieve mail for gmail, and phonebook via gContactSync (thunderbird read and write correctly all contacts on google)

after i have configured jitsi to read abook.mab in thunderbird’s profile directory

but jitsi don’t read any contact!