Unable to reach Jitsi Download URL


We are trying to install JItsi using sudo commands. But I think the URL https://download.jitsi.org is unavailable due to which the commands are not working. Can anyone confirm?


The Jitsi Download server is Down. You can access that when its back online. Right now you can’t access that.

Any word from the moderators or admin?

No word from anyone. Constantly checking it. It’s been down for a really long time now.

Not a positive way for a first encounter with Jitsi :wink: Down for some 24 hours now…

download.jitsi.org is still down, now for more than 24 hrs and it looks like an issue at the delivery server, not inside the cloudflare CDN.

Dear Damian, maybe you could tell us what’s wrong with the download.jitsi.org.

Thank you and best wishes!

I had put up a monitor. The site just went online again.

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confirmed, works again, thanks!

It is working now. We will be doing some changes to minimize these kind of problems in the future.