Unable to locate package jitsi-meet


Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to install jitsi meet on debian and I followed steps from this page https://jitsi.org/downloads/

However, the installation is unable to locate the jitsi meet package.

Attached is the snapshot of steps I took.

thank you in advance!



Your screenshot failed to upload.

My advise it to follow this: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/master/doc/quick-install.md


Hi Dimencho,

I am not sure what happen to the attachment. here is the link: http://storage.vplaya.com/snapshot.png

I will however also try the link you shared.

Thank you.


apt-update seem to be taking to long as shown from the this snapshot http://storage.vplaya.com/2.png

Can I quite, start the installation and skip the update command?


There is an error on your first screenshot, about apt-transport-https. In the quick install guide this is mentioned, how to proceed.
You cannot install without apt update finishes. But you need to install apt-transport-https before updating.


You are correct, this “apt-get install apt-transport-https” worked and I managed to pass that stall. Now I’m continuing wit the installation :slight_smile:

Thank you so much.


Hi Damencho,

I need to thank you so much as I managed to install the application successfully. I only bumped into the ssl glitch because my domain was running under cloudflare. so I then decided to point my domain directly to my server IP and install let’s encrypt ssl and all worked well.

Thanks once again.