Unable to join the same conference room from lib jitsi meet to jitsi meet in aws

I’m starting the call from meet.jit.si/roomName
and executing the example of lib jitsi meet with the same conference roomName. it joins the call from locally but throws an error item-not-found(behaviour is inconsistent sometimes it creates new conference) when I host it on aws instance. Same thing I tried it on beta.lib.jit.si it joins the same call when I run locally but when I host it on aws lt creates new conference with same name.

As we have discussed earlier in below github issue

need further assistance to solve the problem.

Thanks and Regards

As I mentioned in the issue, give more resources to chrome. Item-not-found is when bosh receives a bosh request it does not know about, this can happen on bosh timing out or a big disordering of the bosh requests.