Unable to host more than one guest in a meeting

I teach an English class through Jitsi and have had no trouble for over a year until this week. It started Monday with students complaining that the sharing was blurry. Today things went terribly wrong. When more than one student joins the class, everything stops working – no video, no audio. Chat still seems to function, though. Can anyone help me? I have a lot of my students unable to reach me and I’ve had to cancel all my classes today.

Can you give an approximate time when this had happen with timezone and from which region do you join?
Thank you for the report.

Yes, yes! Oh, Thank you!

First off, I’m in Indonesia. So, I’m on Jakarta time (same as Bangkok time, I believe).
I had a class last night, and I was able to see and hear my students. However, screen-sharing didn’t work. Some students from classes during the day also complained of not being able to join a class.

I had a class scheduled for a few minutes ago, and when I joined, there was no video or audio. Chat worked fine. I discovered that when more than one other person joined, video and audio cut out. I experimented with the group – I had them all leave except for one. When all but one student left, audio and video normalized and I was able to communicate with that one student.

I’ve never had any issue like this before. I really love Jitsi. It has saved my life, really. I’m an independent English instructor, and Jitsi has been my sole means of communicating with my students.

Thanks for the report, I will check it out.
Can you send me the room name in a private message, please?

I don’t mean to sound like an idiot, but how can I send you the room name in a private message?

I have the same problem today. I am in Taiwan. It was working properly before 10:30A.M. Evan now it’s not working yet.

Hi Cindy,

I’ve also been having some problems with screen-sharing this week. Have you had any problems?


It happened a couple of times. I had to rejoin the room and tried a gain.

The same problem in Europe (Spain). There is no sound in the room if there are more than two participants. Connected to eu-west-2

Taiwan, Indonesia, Spain! Damian, you’ve got a BIG problem.

I joined my latest class to notify them via chat that class was cancelled, and guess what? Video and audio were back up! I’m not sure if all the issues are resolved or not. But at least I was able communicate with my students – albeit a bit late. Hopefully the issue is resolved and I have no more issues this week.

No, I was wrong! I just checked with more than two participants and the issue is recurring!

I have the same problem. Only 2 participants can see each other. If more than two, video and sound disappear.

I’m from Kazakhstan.

We are working on it. Thanks for the report.

It is temporarily fixed and we are working with our cloud provider for permanent resolution.