Unable to hear remote participants' voice/audio when local participant disallows microphone and camera access when joining a conference

I am working on a video conferencing application based on Jitsi Meet and I have a peculiar case when a local participant joins an existing conference without allowing the access to microphone and camera (via the Chrome popup notification), I have been experiencing cases where the local participant (the one who disallowed access) is unable to hear remote participant’s audio even though the remote participant’s audio is clearly working and heard by other remote participants.

Steps to reproduce the error:

  1. Start a new meeting in Jitsi: e.g. https://meet.jit.si/micproblem/
  2. Join the meeting room in a new incognito window and deny the access to microphone and camera
  3. When remote participant speaks, sound is not heard.

Newly joined participant denying permission access results in audio/video error

Newly joined user’s settings dialog box shows permission not granted error for audio output

Console window shows failed to access local tracks error

What I would like is that a local participant is able to hear a remote participant’s audio irrespective of whether or not he grants access to his/her microphone.


any updates on this? thanks!

any update on this would be much appreciated. thanks!

When the user doesn’t allow browser access to mic and camera (on the pop-up notification), the browser doesn’t enumerate the list of attached devices and therefore the application cannot select a specific speaker. The conference audio gets routed to the default speaker in that case (the device selected as default as the OS level). It is possible that the users who are complaining of not hearing audio are listening on a speaker other than the system default one.

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thank you