Unable to go beyond 10 users in a meeting

I have tried Jitsi meet on the various servers on AWS, Hetzer Cloud but I am unable to go beyond 10 users in a meeting.
If I go beyond 10 users the audio quality starts dropping.

Few things:
We did the following to optimize the Jitsi configuration but it still didn’t help

  • Suggestions listed here: 30 participants experience
  • Edit the file /etc/jitsi/videobridge/sip-communicator.properties and add this line: org.jitsi.videobridge.DISABLE_TCP_HARVESTER=true
  • Asked all users to use low video quality badwith option in GUI

Server Configuration

  • 8 vCPU and also dedicated one
  • 32GB RAM

I am looking forward to having Jitsi with 30-50 people. What do I need to get there?

If we use Chrome browser we are getting better results

The best that helped us was to show only the Lasten videos and especially the system settings of memory and file descriptors and so on.

Btw, Hetzner did not work well for us at all.

Can you please provide in detail the exact setting you did and to which files?

If we use low definition video and all users use only chrome browser, we were able to go upto 30+ users in a meeting with good sound and audio quality

Also another problem we saw, many users local laptop became very slow and un responsive. CPU usage went upto 100% in their laptop while using Jitsi

Now i have followed this article and made maximum video resolution to 360
Article: [jitsi-dev] How to change resolution and frame rate (FPS) of Jitsi?

Will test with this and see if it improves the performance.