Unable to consistently run on MAC OS

Hi Everyone

We are currently trying to get this application to run consistently on the MAC.

So the issue is that after we install the app and try to run it, it will load then randomly quit at some point of the loading process.

Some stopping points have been

  • Map Contact List
  • Loading the Data Resource
  • Media something something (Its too fast for me to catch what the full name is)
  • Global contact (something (Too fast to catch)

However after trying a few times it will load at least once but if I were to quit it will go back to failing to load.

Do you guys have any ideas what could be causing this issue. when it happens no error messages pop up and it just quits to the desktop.

thank you

Welcome to the forum.

What application are you trying to run - Jitsi Desktop?

Thank you!

We are trying to run Jitsi Desktop

Ok, that app is now deprecated and no longer officially supported. But what version of OSX are you running? I think there’s been some mention of issues with it running on Big Sur.

those who having the issue are on big sur. I am currently on Monterey and i am having none of the issue they are having

also the fact its not supported anymore might be why we’re hitting issues with it.

Yup, that confirms it then.