Unable to Completely Terminate a Call

When someone starts a meeting, they have FULL moderator control of that meeting. If the meeting is interrupted (internet drop), or the meeting is ended by the Moderator, the meeting moderator control is then sent to the next person in line on the meeting, essentially leaving the Original Moderator as a Participant with no more control of the meeting.

This is a BIG concern, as moderators with their own room names would now be controlled by a participant.

Question: Is there a way to control the Moderator session, in that if the Moderator gets disconnect or end the call, the ENTIRE call with ALL Participants are dropped?

You can enable all moderators module, so all will be moderators. The same way meet.jit.si is operating.

There is no such feature when a moderator leaves to destroy the conference and force kick the participants from the meeting.

You can enable authentication, then all authenticated users will be moderators and the rest will be guest.

What if you want only 1 moderator. We do not want participants using our static ID to create rooms using someone elses ID, and we don’t want participants to be able to kick anyone out

Can you make the owner a moderator and when they owner is disconnected or ends the meeting the entire meeting is over?