Unable to complete download

Authentication failed for pretorius.as@gmail.com (Jabber). The password you entered is not valid - message received.
Although I am entering the correct password, it will not accept the password.
How do I go past this stage as I would really like to use this program.

There is no password required to download Jitsi Meet - assuming you’re trying the desktop or mobile app … Where or how are you trying to do this ?

Morning, I want to download onto my laptop and tried download for windows 10

Hi Why am I getting this when I am trying to install Jitsi?

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This is the following window that I receive
I soooo desperately want to use Jitsi but after 4 days of constantly trying, I do not know…

Do you mean to use the Jitsi SIP communicator or Jitsi Meet ?

It looks like Jitsi SIP communicator is asking for permissions to access your addressbook. It seems unusual on a desktop, I haven’t seen this before but I don’t use Windows 10 or Google services much.