Unable to change language

i’m having trouble with a Jitsi install and trying to change the language to Slovenian - i’ve put “sl” into jitsi-meet config, opened a new incognito window, cleared cache…nothing changes. If i set the default language to Russian, it works (so, put “ru” into jitsi-meet config). The json files look OK for Slovenian (no JSON errors main-sl.json, languages-sl.json). The translations do not happen… Any ideas, what am i missing?

Thank you!

I seem to have solved this. If anyone runs into it i’ve had to add the language to libs/app.bundle.min.js and libs/dial_in_info_bundle.min.js, in the section the other languages are in in the form language_code:“language”.

Hello Lim00n,

I have the same issue. How did you exactly solve it? I tried to do what you did but didm¿n’t find anything in app.bundle.min.js and dial_in_info_bundle.min.js. What exactly did you change in there? Can you elaborate a little?


You probably had ran at least once with english and then you had changed the language in config.js. Clean your localstorage and you will get the new default language. This is a known limitation we have.
Or test in incognito mode.

Thanks for answering. I did test in incognito mode and clear cache of Chrome in dev mode, the previous language still persisted. After a couple of hours I entered again and the language had changed. Could it be because of some server cache?

Possible, yes.