Unable to activate the microphone

Hello, all options work well (video on/off, low bandwidth on/off, choice of sound output, but my microphone doesn’t work whether it’s on or off. My microphone works outside jitsi however because I am able to talk to people on the phone.
Any suggestions?

to be compatible with Jitsi (or any similar software) a device should be compatible with its technical basis, webrtc, that aims at setting standards for web sound/audio devices; so go to test.webrtc.org and check your configuration there.

  • If it works (Microphone/Camera) you should not have any problem with Jitsi - if that’s not the case please file a bug with the Jitsi bug tracker.
  • If it does not work on this site, your device can’t work with Jitsi. Maybe check for software updates for your device’s driver.