Unable to access jitsi. Error keep reconnecting

are u means this

Advanced configuration

If installation is on a machine behind NAT further configuration of jitsi-videobridge is needed in order for it to be accessible. Provided that all required ports are routed (forwarded) to the machine that it runs on. By default these ports are (TCP/443 or TCP/4443 and UDP 10000). The following extra lines need to be added the file /etc/jitsi/videobridge/sip-communicator.properties :


Yes exactly. When the bridge does not now its publi ip address it advertises only its internal address and Internet clients cannot reach jvb and send media, even if bridge advertises correct ip address firewall and port forwarding needs to be setup so the traffic from the external address reaches the bridge.
In all the scenarios described above the result is no audio & video.

i already setting this with my internal and public address. but still problem when 3 participate connect jitsi.

This is normally network issue, not forwarded ports or some firewall stopping traffic somewhere. You can open chrome://webrtc-internals, then open 3 tabs and check in webrtc-internals in the PeerConnection tabs for the bridge connection there is a setRemoteDescription, there in the sdp you can see what addresses jvb advertises, if you see its public and private address, then jvb advertises correct addresses and its the clients that cannot access jvb and cannot send media to it, then check port-forwarding and firewalls.

hi bro,

i successful install Jitsi.

but i have to ask regarding, jtisi have update every month right. How to upgrade existing jitsi? its broke my existing jitsi have i installed.??